There is so much to consider in our environment that I always try to be caring and tender with my landscapes and gardens, looking for ways to enhance the space I am given, both aesthetically and environmentally.

My gardens are restrained and simple, requiring little maintenance. I am not into cottage gardens, featuring lots of pretty flowers and colour for the sake of it. I try to keep a simple palette and work with materials and plants which look natural in the environment I am given. Where possible I try to use native species in my gardens, an example of this philosophy can be seen in a recently-finished project in New Zealand.

I like working with artists and craftsmen and to enrich projects with an artisan's skill. Modern art and sculpture play a big part in my life and sharing my wife's passion for it has broadened my horizons.

My own garden, which is also a sculpture park, run by my wife, Hannah Peschar, is well worth a visit. It is the site of both my design studio and my home - an oasis of beauty and simplicity. (Visit website)

The way a garden sits in its landscape is my main concern. I sometimes feel that I fill in the foreground like a stage, and the background is done by a far bigger hand than mine; the borrowed scenery gives presence and credibility to my designs, a fusion between inspiration and vision, though never pure serendipity.