A garden on Cap d'Antibes, photographed by Michael Paul.

Plants are so diverse and the prospect of creating a garden with cactus and succulent plants meant this was an immensely exciting project for us to design and plant.

The garden's situation is perfect - overlooking the Bay of Nice with the Alps Maritime in the background - and in the early spring the snow caps add to the beautiful setting.

This small garden is a sanctuary of calm and relaxation and becomes a place where the architectural planting is the main theme. Clean and unfussy deck spaces provide platforms amongst the planting to allow great places to sit and enjoy the garden. The garden furniture and pool is the work of designer Stephania Kallos and her eye for detail is very apparent. The house and garden have many levels on which to sit, sunbathe, relax and enjoy the views of the sea and surrounding beauty of the Cap, which is dominated by beautiful mature pines.

Little water is needed to support the garden over the hot South of France summers and the chosen plants are best kept under-watered most of the year round. Yucca rostrata, Agave attenuata, Aloe species, Aeoniums, Opuntias and Echeverias are some of the succulent and cacti species we have used in the garden - again planting in groups to give form and strength to the arrangements.