A Country Flower Garden - photographed by Clive Nichols.

The English country garden has become the recognised place in history where the English passion for gardens was born. Our climate here allows us to grow many varieties of plants, which over the years were sourced from all over the world. These gardens were, and still are, the envy of the garden world – largely due to their link to the lifestyle and beauty of the English countryside.

It was a privilege to create and remodel this garden in such a way that the seasonal planting keeps your interest throughout the gardening year. Planting perennials to create splashes of bright colour gives this garden a painterly look and this is helped further by our principal of mass planting which we adopt in most of our gardens - achieving large drifts of colour.

New hedges, pots, planter boxes with topiary Yew, Box and clipped Elaeagnus half-standards were added to improve the garden's structure and give a sense of bold green architecture. Repeating a plant, so the eye catches the same shape, form and colour in the same view is important to achieve the coherence and connectivity of the garden.